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Big Data & Analytics Solutions

With the Analytics Market in India currently standing at close to $1.64 billion annually in revenues and growing at a healthy CAGR rate of 28.8%, it is no surprise that technologies and support services for Analytics solutions market are of great importance. A market this huge has now blossomed into a category of its own and this is evident from the rise of numerous start-ups around the stage. Industries ranging from Finance & Banking, Marketing, E-Commerce, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence use Analytics at the heart of their core operations to handle Big Data. This demands a well versed and deep rooted player to support companies with their Analytics. Here is where, Tech Data Technology Solutions steps in with its expertise and knowledge of Big Data & Analytics Solutions.

Tech Data Technology Solutions, together with IBM’s Analytics Platform, turns insight into faster action with unmatched Analytics capabilities on a foundation of data you can trust. We help customers adapt easily to today’s hybrid data, both structured and unstructured, at rest and in motion, on premises, on cloud and in mixed environments.

Analytics Focus Area: